The symbiosis of electronics and IT

Electronics is the foundation of high technology, and without its continuous development, the progress of high technology will be unattainable

In recent years, the IT and electronics industry have experienced rapid growth due to the increasing demand for domestic solutions and the emergence of new demands. We have seen a growing interest from ExpoElectronica visitors, as well as other ITE Group exhibitions, in end-to-end solutions for various applications.

ExpoElectronica 2024 is launching ExpoCifra, a co-located show dedicated to providing a platform for suppliers and consumers of finished electronic systems to network, share new solutions, exchange knowledge, find suppliers, and close contracts. Take part in ExpoCifra and become a part of this successful endeavor.

The symbiosis between the electronics industry and IT not only opens up new opportunities but also paves the way for potential collaborations in the joint development and implementation of major projects by high-tech companies.

The exhibition is a unique opportunity for IT specialists, companies and government agencies to meet and exchange experiences, ideas and best practices in digital technologies. By participating, you will gain insights into the most advanced developments and innovative solutions that will help you achieve a breakthrough in your field.