Exposition of information technology and solutions for digital transformation

We extend an invitation for your participation in the exposition, which will be organized for the first time as part of the ExpoElectronica exhibition, in parallel with Securika Moscow and Analytika Expo

ITE Group is the organizer of the largest industry exhibitions in Russia and bringing together a vast network of over 48,000 high-level executives and specialists in the field of digitalization, automation, IT and enterprise digital transformation across diverse sectors. These enterprises actively seek pre-existing solutions and opportunities for partnerships with suppliers, vendors, and system integrators operating within this domain.

Product demonstration and business communication at ExpoElectronica


  • Big Data, analytics, cloud solutions
  • Smart City
  • Equipment, solutions and services for telecommunications
  • Smart manufacturing and automation
  • Electronic transport and navigation systems
    • Software
    • Consumer and office electronics for b2b
    • Medical electronics and telemedicine-HealthTech
    • Fintech and e-commerce
    • EdTech
    • Innovation centres

    The relevance of scaling the "IT and digital solutions" section into a separate exhibition:

    • the number of IT companies in Russia is growing. According to Federal State Statistics Service in Russia, the number of companies operating in the field of information technology increased by 31.7% (January-July 2023 to January-July 2022)
    • there is a need to develop alternative solutions using Russian developments
    • there are prospects in connection with import substitution from alternative producers
    • foreign companies from friendly countries are interested in cooperation

    Target audience of visitors

  • Director of Digitalization
  • Director of Development
  • Director of Automation
  • Executive Director
  • Head of IT Department
    • IT Department specialist
    • Head of the Procurement Department
    • Technical Director
    • Business Development Manager

    Industries where IT technologies are in demand

  • telecommunications
  • design (engineering)
  • mining industry
  • logistics, transport
  • security systems
  • medicine
    • manufacturers of devices, robots
    • fintech (banks, payments, marketplaces)
    • construction
    • agriculture
    • retail
    • pharma

    President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin: "... In business and in the realm of state governance, it is necessary to actively develop digital platforms, master management models based on big data. It is evident that contemporary technologies, including lean methodologies, must be universally implemented across all sectors of the economy and in social spheres."

    Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, Maksut Shadaev: "We have implemented a robust mechanism to oversee the shift toward Russian IT solutions, which includes the deployment of digital transformation strategies. We recommend incorporating artificial intelligence projects into these strategies to further enhance their efficacy and technological advancements."

    Electronics is the heart of high technology, without the development of electronics, further development of high technology is impossible. In recent years, the electronics industry, along with other interdisciplinary sectors, has been undergoing rapid expansion driven by the rising demand for domestic solutions and the emergence of new challenges. We are seeing an increase in interest in the turnkey solutions of various applications from visitors to ExpoElectronica, as well as at other exhibition projects of the ITE Group.

    Therefore, ExpoElectronica has taken the initiative to facilitate interactions between suppliers and consumers of turnkey electronic systems, encouraging them to connect, establish meaningful connections, and finalize agreements within its framework. The synergy between the electronics industry and IT creates fresh avenues for collaborative development and the execution of large-scale projects for high-tech companies.

    Development of large-scale projects for high-tech companies at ExpoElectronica

    ExpoElectronica 2023 was visited by 21,063 specialists, 2,900 of whom was interested in ready-made solutions in the field of automation and digitalization, represented by the following companies:

    Airport Domodedovo
    Bank Uralsib
    PJCS «MTS»
    Ferrero Russia Teorema Telecom
    OJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel
    А 101
    Bank Saint Petersburg
    Wimm Bill Dann

    Alabuga Special Economic Zone
    Hermitage Museum
    STD Petrovich
    Hochland Russia
    Bank Otkritie
    BAT Russia
    Spasskie Vorota
    Maly Theatre

    ExpoElectronica exhibitors' interest to the "IT and Digital Solutions" section (people):

    ExpoElectronica exhibitors' interest to the "IT and Digital Solutions" section

    Key advantages

    • The IT industry is undergoing a significant transformation, tackling extensive challenges that demand an integrated approach and comprehensive solutions.

    • As part of the business program of the exhibition, the current agenda for the digital transformation of business and industry will be discussed in a special IT arena.

    • ITE Group stands as the largest exhibition organizer in Russia, boasting a distinctive database comprising 48,000+ specialists.

    • Rich experience of working with foreign participants and a wide network of partners from friendly areas are an advantage for inviting foreign participants and forming an up-to-date story of international cooperation.

    ExpoElectronica exhibitors

    In 2024, ExpoElectronica, together with an exposition of IT and digital solutions, will be presented on an area of more than 20,000 sq.m., the total expected number of visitors are 24,000 specialists, more than 300 Russian manufacturers among the participants and more than 200 international participants from allied regions.

    Participation in the exhibition will allow you:

    • Expand your network of business contacts within the Russian radio electronics industry.
    • Present your solutions to a wide audience of specialists from various industries
    • Conduct high-level negotiations with representatives of federal and regional authorities as part of the exhibition business program.

    See you on April 16-18, 2024 at Crocus Expo!